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Hentai stories from “Yu-Gi-Oh”: Akiza’s Night In

It was a nice day in New domino city, the streets where crowded as Akiza walked towards home. She got of early while training with Misty so she had some spare time to waste. “Hmm.. wonder what I will do” thought Akiza while looking around town.
“I won’t meet up with Yusei until 8 o’clock so I have 4 spare hours to go” she thought. She travelled homewards. When she arrived home she first kicked of her shoes and socks, and got something to drink. Still not knowing what to do she grabbed a magazine and started reading. Out of nothing Yusei appeared in the window, scaring the shit out of Akiza. “YUSEI! Stop doing that” she yelled at him. “Ah loosen up a bit, your to tightened, just came to check if you remember to come duel with me this evening” he replied. “yeh yeh… I remember” she said. “Okay see you then” said yusei as he was leaving.

And then suddenly it struck Akiza what to do, after what Yusei said she got a very nice idea. “It has to be around here somewhere” she thought while she was searching trough her closet. After a short 5 minute search she finally found it, she got the box from her closet and took it to her bed. She closed the window as the curtains so nobody could see what was in the box.. She had put the box down on the bed and removed the lid. Inside where object she hadn’t seen for some time now since she hadn’t much time to do it. Inside the box where some coils of rope, some cloth, some handcuffs and a big pink ball gag. “Got to do this more often” she thought. Akiza stood up and removed her red jacket and pink shirt, and put on a pile next to her bed. Now she was standing in her red pants and a red see (more…)

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